About us

Suite Nina is a way of being and living.

It was created because of its owner, Nina, who wanted to share her passion for travelling and distant places, as well as that for getting to the essence of things through contamination with other cultures. Nina has always been looking for peculiarity and beauty.

Nina has been travelling around the world for a long time, her greatest desire that of meeting different cultures and new traditions. She was born in Italy and then she moved with her family to Texas. She has always been keen on travelling. From North America to Australia, from Laos, Cambodia and Thailand to Africa, from Jordan to Israel, going back to Europe.

After getting back to Rome, she moved to Salento because she loved Michele, her soulmate, dedicating her life to touristic hospitality from that moment on. She renovated two ancient buildings from 1800 and 1900 which are in the town centre of Lecce.  These two cities are close to the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. She had suites and small flats renovated respecting nature and local tradition.

The holiday sposts are carefully furnished, they are comfortable as well as beautiful. You’ll appreciate the old furniture the owner bought because of the cultures’ contamination she witnessed in Salento.

Suite Nina is an easy-going location as its owner is, a traveler with a naive mood who enjoys her life.

Suite Nina is ready to welcome you.